Just Jane
I'm a 30-something serial blogger, serially single, and addicted to cereal. I live in Colorado with a fabulous partner and 1 adorable guerrilla terrorist cat. Reliable sources tell me I do not have enough cats to qualify as a crazy cat lady but I'm aspiring. I'm all about randomosity, miscellany, and movie quotes. I don't have any television channels thus this blog will likely not be about television generally speaking and mostly random ramblings of an aspiring cat lady who is cool (uh...my mom says).

And this is what I said to the Drinking Made Easy folks to get them to agree to post my articles:Jane is a 38-year-old singular sensation living in the heart of Denver, CO where the dive bars are plentiful and within walking distance. Founder of the Denver branch of the Church o' Brunch and the Duck My Puppy Cake and Cocktails Club, Jane is always looking for tasty ways to bake liquor into a cake. When she's not searching for the bottom of the bottomless mimosa, she's questing for the ultimate Malbec. She likes her wine dry, her gin dryer, and her scotch neat.