The Cast

It occurs to me, as I add readers, some of you may not know to whom I'm referring all the time. I'm hoping to alleviate some of your confusion by providing a list of some of my most often recurring characters for your reference.

The Grotto - the apartment - garden-level - I share with Lex.

Lex (aka Lex-a-licious, Lexmeister, the Lexster...and yes, occasionally he's totally annoyed with me) - my roommate, confidant, non-husband, heterosexual life mate (if we were same sex and not gay). Committed life partners without marriage and/or sex.

This is what I think Lex looks like. He won't let me take pictures of him...probably because he knows I'll post them on the blog.

Acr0nym (or Matt as I refer to him in the linked post) - BFF and additional non-husband. Apparently, I collect them. We don't live together or have sex. Aside from Lex, he is my most beloved friend, confidant, heterosexual life partner. If I don't see him, I, at the very least, talk to him via chat or phone every single day. was really dark so forgive the grain.

Vinny - aka The Wonder Cat, The Guerrilla Terrorist Cat, occasionally Turd Blossom or Love Bug.

Subtle move to get me to pay attention to him. Yes, he is full grown here.

Blind Betsy - My mom.

Me and Blind Betsy

Not to be confused with...

Bomb Betsy (aka Magnetica Bombastic) - one of my friends and a member of...

The Ducks and Puppies - a group of fabulous, mostly single, irreverent friends consisting of: Devo Was Right, Owen, Bomb Betsy, Sean & Mo (or S&M), and Sarah Williams

Devo Was Right and Sarah Williams

Owen as drawn by Owen
Sean & Mo
Sean, Bomb Betsy, and Owen

The Divatologist - I can't put her into words as well as she can. Lovely friend and occasional partner in wine and crime.

Peej (aka The Social Instigator) - friend and occasional partner in wine and crime.

Peej and Peej on a stick

Spux - friend and occasional partner in coffee klatches, explorations in art, wine/beer/shots, and crime.

Spux w/panties on his head

modchen and #himself (aka the bats in my belfry) - upstairs neighbors and occasional partners in wine and crime. I occasionally blog about their cats.

modchen and #himself

Andy (or Andrew) - ex-fiance, now deceased. He died just as I started this blog and I still talk about him on a relatively regular basis. His passing quickly changed the direction of this blog from a lighthearted, irreverent place to containing a bookmark of some of the most keening grief I've ever felt.

There are many many more cast members but those should, hopefully, keep you straight-ish.