Thursday, September 22, 2011


Every September, my friend, Spux, has a bar crawl to celebrate his birthday. And, every year, the bar crawl has some kind of costume theme.

I met Spux New Year's Eve before last (2009) and so I'd just missed the Debutante Crawl. Last year, I had something going on during the Bible Crawl and missed that one too. So this year, the year of the Nerd, I was hellbound and determined to make it.


Because A) I helped pick the theme and B) because hello! NERDS! w00t!

Spux as Ogre at the Nerd Crawl

Now, truthfully, I'm terrible with costumes. It's not that I don't like costumes because I totally do. It's that I don't like ME in body-shape inappropriate costumes and, let's face it, most costumes are not conducive to the Jane body shape.

But nerd shape? I'm totally that.

I had some costuming ideas going into Saturday just past (the day of the Crawl), most of which I shared with Acr0nym on our 2,200+ mile trek through the heartland. He, in turn, stole every one when we arrived back home and started to put our costumes together in earnest.

Acr0nym pointing to his calculator watch and hiding his pocket protector.

And, since I didn't have time to order a calculator watch or have a shirt requiring a pocket protector, I was left scrambling on Saturday morning for anything resembling nerdery...well...except the trapper keeper I'd purchased on the road.

Luckily, Spux was in a mood to nerd shop Saturday afternoon. Hence, he and I headed over to the K-Mart - not to buy lawn darts but to buy a nerd shirt.

And! Oh boy! Did we ever find a nerd shirt 2 sizes too big and full of the awesome for me to wear.

Powder blue sweatshirt with a kitten and gold studs on it. Who could possibly ask for anything more? Well...besides me carrying a violin case (which I didn't do but wanted to but didn't because a violin case could draw suspicion from law enforcement a la St. Valentine's Day we weren't already drawing serious attention to ourselves already).

Here I am in full nerditude... the end of the night. Photo (dis)courtesy of Acr0nym should know...mommy (me) drinks.

Also? You should know, Spux's friend, Kelli, built an actual "panty cannon" - a cannon that fires panties - just for the occasion.

Spux with Princess Kelli's Panti-Blaster

At precisely 9 p.m. on Saturday at Blue Ice on Broadway, Nerd Mayhem commenced.

Here are some of my favorite shots...
Jane & Peej on a stick (there's obviously a story there)
Spux and Hans Gothwökkit have no idea
Spux and panties from the panty cannon
Acr0 & DK - NERDS! My favorite shot of the night.
Peej and Peej on a stick at (I think) Skylark.

Peej and Jane at...huh? I dunno where.

There were WAY more people and WAY more pictures than these but A) I didn't want to clog your readers with pictures and B) I didn't want to bother gathering up permissions from every person photographed (some of whom I did not know and some I would not want to ask).

Point is? The Nerd Crawl? Was The. Best. Ever! Everyone had a most excellent time! There were panties hanging from wires and in the street, there were nerds a plenty, there were hipsters we were sure were part of the Crawl but then figured out they weren't when they were slightly offended to be mistaken as such...I guess it's all in their "irony" something. There were bars and cocktails and beers and shots and hoots and shenanigans and, at the very end, Nerd Karaoke.

OK fine but just this one of Nerd Karaoke because hello! Nerd Karaoke!

The Nerd Crawl? Was a mighty fine time. The hangover? Most definitely worth it.

Happiest of birthdays, September babies! Thanks for letting me tag along. And, most especially, happy birthday, Spux. You know how to throw one helluva party.


Diva said...

Even the Maestro had fun (I know, right?)....

spux said...

Yay neeeeeerrrrrddddssss! Glad everyone had fun. Wonder how we're gonna top it next year. :-D

Anonymous said...

Great post! I wish I had been able to show up earlier in the night. I have learned my lesson and will be on time for the whole event next year! SOOOO much fun!
Happy Birthday Spux!

-Hippie Ginger

MsSparrow said...

It was awesome. Soooooo glad you talked me into going! Thanks for everything that night and yes I totally agree that the hangover was totally worth it even though OWWWWW