Below are several images you can find throughout my blog. Most were taken either by me or by Acr0nym.

Welcome to Janesville. We've got snax.

Me, of course
Drinkin' wine to, I don't know, prove that I do, I guess.

Vinny, the Wonder Cat
Vinny shops at Nordstrom.

My finest knitting moment. The world's largest wool condom.

The inside of my eye. No seriously. That's inside my eye.
Me as drawn by me.

I'm very talented, yes?
South Beach, Miami sunrise
Me reflected in Acr0nym's sunglasses.

A pretty picture I took along a creek in winter.
Mmm...cinnamon rolls and coffee at Historic Johnson's Corner.

So pensive.

Acr0nym in the middle of the road. He's indecisive.

Peej and Me. Nerd Crawl. She was the chaperone.

Peej on a stick and me. Nerd Crawl.

Roadtrippin' with the BFF.