Because every website needs an FAQ. Every person needs an FAQ.

1) So you grew up in Wyoming. What country is that in?
It's in THE country.

2) So you grew up in Wyoming. Did you ride a horse to school?
Of course. I also wore my cowboy hat, cowboy boots, spurs, and chewed tobaccy.

3) You're really not all that funny. Do you think you're funny?
I'm a laugh riot. You should hear the conversations all the voices have in my head. It's like...Seinfeld but better.

4) You're thirty something and still single? What's wrong with you?
Uhm...have you actually read my blog? I hate dating, drink loads, and half the time wear coffee on my shirt. Besides the fact that there are only a very few people with whom I like spending time, one of those people being my mother. Why do YOU think I'm single?

5) You talk a lot about yourself in your blog. Do you ever say anything that's not about you?
Sure. I think about and talk about a lot of things in my private life pertaining to most topics - religion, politics, abortion, celebrity gossip. You know, the things you should never ever talk about. But there are thousands upon thousands of bloggers out there talking about religion, politics, abortion, and celebrity gossip. There is virtually no one out there blogging about me. I figured I could corner the niche market.

6) Do you really have DDDD boobs?
They don't come with a certificate of authenticity or anything but yes, that's what she said.

7) Is there anything you won't blog about?
 I don't say never.
But there are a few topics out there I consider sacred to my privacy and really have no intention of discussing them here or elsewhere.