Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Perspective...I Haz Sum

On Monday, upon returning to work, I ran into a fellow co-worker in the employee lounge. He welcomed me back from vacation and when I told him I was glad to be back he said, "Wow! That's...original"1.

So last night after I called my mom (hi Mom!) in tears of exhaustion and she gave me a gentle talking to about taking steps back so I could get a new perspective, I went to bed and laid awake for awhile thinking about why I was glad to be home and at work.

Make no mistake, my trip to Seattle was a wonderful, relaxing time away and I enjoyed it immensely. But I was glad to be home. It was so good to be in my own bed with my very own cuddle bug kitty. But it's more than that. I love my home such as it is and I love my life. I love my roommate and my kitchen with no counter space or cupboards and my noisy upstairs neighbors. I love that I can walk to so many cool and interesting places or hop on the bus that gives me curbside service to my favorite haunts. I also love that I can see the mountains, get to the mountains and be there too. I have the best of both worlds. Hallelujah!

Even more than that though, I love the things with which I've filled my life. It's so much different than it was 2 years ago when the only thing in my life was Deb and Deb's chemo. Again with the hallelujah.

And I love my job. In the category for best, most intelligent, fun, quirky, thoughtful co-workers ever, I've got pretty much everyone beat. The work I do is interesting, challenging, occasionally fast-paced, and in support of one of my most favorite charities of all time. What's not to love?

I am so incredibly fortunate to have what I have. And I made that happen. Yay me!

So yes, September generally sucked the big wiener2. Guess what? In 3 hours and 12 minutes it'll be over.

The past is past. What's done is done. I can't change it. Nor would I.

Bring it on, October. RAWR! I'm ready for you.

1: Take that Mr. Nasty Mean Noc Noc Door Boy, you! I am original. So there!

2: Trip to Mom's patio and trip to Seattle not withstanding. Oh yeah, and the Furs concert too regardless of the month-end outcome.

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