Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wait! I'm What?

Remember how way back here1 I said I didn't like dating and I don't do it?


And then remember how I also said in that same post I was dating someone I liked very much?


We're not dating anymore.

It is my perception that he got mad at me for being hurt about him telling me he had to go out of town when, in fact, he did not go out of town. I'm fairly certain however, he used my hurt feelings as an excuse to say adios without having to have the awkward and always hard "it's not you, it's me" conversation.

It's good though. Because it forced me to consider what it was I particularly liked about dating him and what I particularly disliked. It also forced me to consider the possibility that the perfect man for me was not going to just literally fall into my lap while I was licking Nykki's shoes at Gabor's.

An example of a Nykki Shoe

So this is what I came up with...

Particularly Liked:
* kissing
* holding hands
* anticipating kissing and holding hands
* talking to/writing each other

Particularly Disliked:
* going out and having an awesome date and then waiting 11 days (ELEVEN!) before I'd hear from him again.
* always having to be the one to say "Hey! Do you want to get together again?"

By the way, no I've not read or seen He's Just Not That Into You, but I get Now that I've googled the warning signs2.

Coincidentally, this is how I stumbled upon kristysf who writes the blog She Just Walks Around With It. Subsequently, I read all her blog archives and now have a bit of a crush on her. So when I remembered from having blogstalked Kristy that she and Ish - her now husband - met via a personal ad she'd put up on Craigslist, I figured hey! I can do that.

So I least, I went to Craigslist and started looking through the ads placed by m4w.


And I diligently read ad after ad, laughing at the ridiculousness of most, responding to 2. I even met one (hi S*) the other night for a drink at a place I'd never been...The Thin Man on 17th and Race3. He was a funny, wonderful man. However, I'm certain the fact that he and I, after a couple of drinks, began checking out and hitting on the same women in the bar was a good sign neither of us were terribly interested in the other.

Back to the Craigslist drawing board.

When I came across the ad from the paranoid schizophrenic, drug addicted, suicidal man on ssi in search of his ssi queen4 though, it occurred to me that perhaps I was barking up the wrong tree.

So I did the one-month-ago-unthinkable-thing...I joined eHarmony5.

I've not met anyone from there yet. I'm in the "Guided Communication Stage" with 2 and in the "Open Communications Stage" with one. So far so good.

I still check the Craigslist ads though. You never know when a Kristy or an Ish might be buried among the asshats, crazies, and big-boob-seekers out there...


1: You know, like a month ago.
2: Hi, Kristy (like she reads this). That was me that searched for "waiting for him to call". I have a crush on you! Just so you know.
3: The Thin Man is an awesome place with friendly patrons (thank you little girl for buying me a pre-blind date shot...I hope it goes well with the boy you went to see about), an African-American, bald bartender named Tyrone (one of my most favorite names of all time), flavor-infused vodkas galore, tons of religious artifacts decorating the walls, and a plethora of cute geek girls in glasses. I'll definitely be back there.
4: I am not making this shit up.
5: *gasp* Oh Holy Mary, mother of Jesus, lover of God I am online dating again.

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