Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whereupon Our Heroine Experiences Mini-Successes

I was sick much of last week. Keer-chooeey.

I will have you know though, that while I was off the job for 2 1/2 days, I did not lie idly by to dwell on the sickness that was me.

No no.

In between naps, I was quite productive on the eHarmony (eH...I'm now hip to the lingo). And while I found it challenging to be my normal, witty, delightful self while reaching constantly and desperately for the tissues, I must have been effective as I managed to score myself a date.

I even called it a his face.

Yesterday evening, because I was feeling much better, I asked L* out for a date. The conversation went something like this:

J: So! Would you like to get something to eat?
L: Probably.
J: Uhm...would you like to get something to eat with me?
L: (laughing) Probably.

He laughs a lot. I like that.

Anyway, he's pretty new in town and lives in the SW 'burbs but we forgive him because it's not his fault. Therefore, it was up to me to think about awesome hole-in-wall type places in an area of town I've not hung out in since 1989 when Beasley still had pink hair.

And would you know? I drew a complete blank. I stuttered...hmmm'd...haw'd...and, I'm embarrassed to admit, blurted out the only restaurant I could think of remotely close to a halfway point...

That's right.


Luckily, L* is privy to this blog and knew of my aversion to the Applebee's so he took over and suggested Buca di Peppa. Italian. Family style. Wine list. Yes! Fits the short notice bill quite nicely.

So I hurriedly brushed my teeth, powdered my nose, ran a brush through my hair, bundled myself up in my new coat1 and shoes and toodled down south toward my first eH encounter.

this is what my new coat looks feels very soft and luxurious

new stompy shoes...hey Jenni, look familiar?

And you know what?

It was fun!

I didn't have to wear pantyhose.

I wasn't nervous2.

L* was funny, engaging, attractive, and did not once mention any bus routes he may or may not have driven or ridden in his life.

Neither of us tried to hit on anyone else while we there.

You all will be happy to note too, I had 3 glasses of delicious wine with supper and managed to keep all of the wine and my supper away from my cleavage3. Now that's what I call a super duper success.

I may have to change my mind about this whole online dating thing. When you find good ones to go out on dates with, it's surprisingly easy and fun.

1: It makes me feel cute and stylish.
2: I suggested to L* that perhaps there is a correlation between the pantyhose and nerves. He concurred this may, in fact, be so.
3: This seemed to disappoint L* just a little.


jenni said...

My shooooooooooooooooes! Don't you feel like you have good posture in them?

Just Jane said...

Totally, Jenni! I feel all fabulously tall and stuff in them. And they're fun and stompy. Truthfully, I bought 2 pair. The other is a pair of red, patent leather Mary Jane-style.