Sunday, October 18, 2009

While I'm At It

I've started reading the "Missed Connections" section on the CraigsList personals.

Now I don't have any delusions that someone will post about a missed connection with me but that's not why I read them. I read them because I am a voyeur and it's a little like spying in on your neighbor's diary1.

Some are pretty funny and make me laugh like this one...

I was crossing the street. (Had the walk sign)
You were behind some teenager with excessively large rims.
You were driving a black sedan
He went,
you tried to gun it. Inches from broadsiding me you stopped.
Mouthed the word "oh"
I smiled and kept walking.
you smiled

Just wanted to let you know I thought you were cute despite being obviously older than me and almost hitting me.

Ps. Oh, before I forget... Watch where the fuck you're going you crazy bitch

And some are just awesome in how they simply state the human condition like this one...

I didn't have the guts to tell you how attractive you are. YOU ARE!!!

But my favorites are the ones that are truly like diary entries...the ones about heartache and hope, about saying "I'm sorry", about knowing he/she can't/shouldn't/is too embarrassed to say what he/she wants to say directly and so it gets posted in the anonymity of the internets, creating dreams and stirring up nostalgic memories for many people beyond the intended recipient.

I just think that's cool.

1: I wouldn't actually read someone's diary if I found it...unless it was found on a park bench and I didn't know to whom it belonged.

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