Monday, November 30, 2009

Coming Out

Here is a little known fact...

I am, for all intents and purposes, a closet science nerd.

For some of you who knew me in high school, this may come as a surprise considering I didn't do well in science in high school. However, let me remind you I didn't actually do well in any subject other than English in high school mainly because I didn't actually go to high school more than I absolutely had to in order to participate on the Speech team.

Once I got to college, I decided to major in math. But then two things occurred:

1) I realized one math geek plus one math geek-by-marriage is really all the math geekery one family should possess.
2) My calculus professor got mad at me because I questioned his "answer" to a problem he and I both knew was wrong. Rather than admit his mistake, he berated me in class. And I said fuck it.

I should have switched to science - specifically physics or genetics - then but I was sort of free floating. Less interested in college than I was interested in boys - specifically a southern California punk rock boy.

So I fell into Sociology.

And I don't actually regret it...much.

Except for when I see things about the hadron collider or a study on the genetic linkage map of coral... and I get kinda turned on.

And that feels kinda...wrong.

But if loving it is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

So I'm out.

I'm a freak.

A freaky science geek.


zero hour said...

I'm secretly obsessed with fractals....
don't tell.

but I failed math...giggle

kk said...

Woot! You go girl! I'm right there with you lovin' the science.... I took things like Organic Chemistry as an elective. Man, I loved loved LOVED that class. It just clicked. I switched from Anthropology to Chemisty that very semester. A few years later, when I was only a semester away from my BS in Chemistry I realized that all I would be able to do with a BS in Chemistry was wash test tubes. I didn't really feel like getting a PhD tho (I had already been in college way too long at this point). I briefly flirted with Chemical Engineering, but it just wasn't as fun somehow. So then I switched to Computer Science (I had always avoided it cuz it was a long time favorite hobby and I didn't want to ruin my favorite hobby by doing it for work). Anyway, it's never too late to get back into science!!

kk said...

Oh yeah, and if you haven't checked it out, I would recommend It's one of my vices.

Just Jane said...

In the 8th grade, my science teacher used to say "It's not fun! It's physics!" And then he'd cackle. I totally got that.

@Patty: Fractals are awesome.

@kk: I have another blog post to respond to your comment LOL. But I already do read with a bunch of others. Yikes!