Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cop out? Probably

So I was going to write tonight about something that came up on google analytics as a google search that led someone to my blog regarding "what to do when life gets hard".

Because...you know...I consider myself somewhat of an expert on this topic.

And I started writing it all out and then realized I was reiterating many points I'd recently read on someone else's blog. And since we all know I'm a big proponent of being ORIGINAL, I decided to scrap it and share this with you instead.

It's somewhat related because it's stuff like this that I do or watch or read or experience...a little tiny thing...to keep myself happy and calm in the face of adversity.

So this is the setup. I love love love the tv show Freaks and Geeks. It was only on for one season unfortunately but each episode is a true gem. This scene...the Parisian nightsuit scene...is one of my all-time favorites. The added bonus is Joe Jackson's Look Sharp!.

And seriously? If you can't watch this and laugh and feel better? Then I probably can't help you.


kk said...

OMG, this is embarrassingly like my freshman year of high school. I made the mistake of getting a perm that year. It didn't turn out right, for some reason, so I looked like one of those fancy poodles. People kept barking at me in the halls and I wanted to die.

Actually, it was a really great experience in hindsight. It taught me to maintain my self respect despite what any of the schmucks around me were telling me. A few years later, I 'turned punk', dyed my hair black and red, and sported a foot tall mohawk and blatantly flipped off anyone who dared to make fun of me for it.

I had never heard of this show and am glad you brought it to my attention! Thanks!

zero hour said...

Lordy I miss that show..It was one of my faves. thank you for sharing...

Just Jane said...

@kk - I think it hits nerves with a lot of people which is why it is now so incredibly funny. You've GOT to see the entire series!!! I cannot reiterate it enough. It was only on for one season :( and I know you can get it through the Denver Public Library so check your library to see if you can get it there. You will LOVE it.

@Patty - television brilliance happens so rarely in my opinion and so rarely appreciated. My 2 other faves besides this one - My So-Called Life and Greg the Bunny were also canceled after one measly season.