Friday, November 27, 2009


Best Thanksgiving Ever.

That's what Owen said when he dropped me off in front of the Grotto last night.

And I have to agree.

We'd planned another orphan Thanksgiving this year at the Grotto. Nothing fancy or big because...well...this IS the Grotto, after all. I don't have the room or the accoutrement for fancy or big. A couple of hours before Dave and Owen were set to arrive, Dave texted me to let me know to expect a last minute orphan - Logan - a man Dave worked with but who I had never met.

When they showed up with incredible food in hand, Logan and I were instant friends1 and it wasn't long before we'd agreed that I would be his new fabulous fag lady - he took offense at the word "hag" in relation to me. Said I was far too fabulous to be associated with anything like a hag. I <3 Logan.

The generous pours of wine were flowing freely, the laughter was abundant2, and the food...oh-my-freaking-gawd-of-all-things-incredibly-tasty! Everything was perfection. Even my green beans with walnuts made with pecans because I burned the walnuts3 turned out to be scrumptious. Dave's first turkey attempt ever was the most succulent bird I've ever eaten, Owen's sweet potato casserole was to die for, and Betsy's stuffing was a dream. My pies were lovely...the crusts, while not pretty, were perfect in taste and texture. I do make an awesome pie. I really ought to make more of them. If I did, I'd probably have the crust beautification process down to a science by now. No time like the present to start.

After supper, we adjourned to the living room to loll about and groan shamelessly under the weight of all the food we'd just eaten. Dave ran upstairs to retrieve my awesome neighbors with whom he is long time friends. A great, very cool, talented, ultra intelligent couple whose wind chimes make me especially happy in the summer.

More wine corks were popped and the evening wore on in the most pleasant and relaxing of ways.

Logan assisted me with kitchen clean up and it was done in a blink, Vinny behaved himself admirably around the temptation of an 18-pound half eaten turkey carcass, and even more guests arrived - a couple from Casper of whom I'd heard much about and excited to finally meet in real life.

The decision was made to head out for drinks at Gabor's...because you know, it wouldn't be us if we didn't go to Gabor's.


Gabor's wasn't open! FTW?! Gabor's is NEVER closed! 4 feet of snow on the ground and you can count on Gabor's! So whatever (I'm getting ready to go there now with PJ because whatever...Gabor's hello! I've not been to you in days).

So it was off to Netherworld and hard cider and more laughs and mellow times.

It was a perfect and completely stress free holiday with so much to be thankful for...not the least of which was another night surrounded by wonderful friends - old and new - wine, music, good food, and lots of laughter and love.

1: I love it when that happens! And it's been happening relatively frequently lately.
2: Poor Owen couldn't take a drink because every time he tried, one of us would say something funny and he was afraid he'd choke or spew.
3: Wine + fun guests + paying attention to roasting walnuts = not so much.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like it was perfect! Yeah for you, and yeah for me--my Thanksgiving was perfect also! Lucky us . . . .