Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Could Be a Vegetarian If It Weren't For That Whole Bacon Thing

This entry has nothing to do with bacon actually. I mean, I could write a whole ode to bacon but isn't it enough to know I love it second only to cheese?

I don't know what this post is going to be about yet. My head is befuddled with things and I've not hit upon a good topic yet today.

What's on my mind?

1) Apparently bacon.

2) Chest colds suck...I know because I currently have one. Thank you, asshat, whoever you are for not washing your hands. You could be one of 1000's.

3) Also, Jane's Addiction. I woke up with Three Days meandering through my mind and it won't go away. I do that almost every day...wake up with a random song playing in my head and it could be anything - regardless of how long ago it's been since I last heard it. Usually it goes away though. Not today!

4) Thanksgiving will be at The Grotto (my house). I'm not cooking anything but taters and desserts. Dave's providing the bird. This suits me perfectly.

5) Remote access to my work computer rocks. I was able to work from home all day today and was much more productive than if I'd been at my desk. No interruptions I suspect is the culprit for my output.

Everything else on my mind is no one else's business.

I think I might be a little cranky.

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Anonymous said...

I had this one in my head recently as well.
The other day- Gogol Bordello..Start Wearing Purple and it stayed all day long...