Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Power of Women

Sunday afternoon.

I've been in my pajamas and bathrobe most of the day1. I've napped, read, puttered, consumed copious amounts of delicious coffee with vanilla crack in it. It's been an excellent weekend...way better than I had even anticipated. And now I'm luxuriating in the quietness that is a Sunday afternoon. Relishing the last few hours before the 60 Minutes stopwatch starts and I begin again with "regular" life.

My knees are the only tell-tale sign of the sins of the weekend. A lack of consumption of any liquidy substance constituting water, consumption of chocolate-y love that is known as my delectable brownies and also queso and also cajun fries2, and, once again, too much wine all contribute to the concentration of arthritic gnarls in my knees. The rest of me feels great.

Before the weekend began though, I was lonely. I don't often suffer this affliction as most of my life I've been my own best company and I'm usually enough for three people. On the rare days I feel a twinge of the lonely's, Lex and Vinny pick up the slack and I feel sufficiently loved. But sometimes the love of the men in my life - regardless of the through-the-roof-cuddle-nature of the one who is not a bi-ped - isn't quite what I want or need.

No. What I, at times, sorely miss is the company of a female BFF.

You know the one. The one I can call on a Saturday night, full of the girl crazies, who will drop whatever she's doing to bring me wine and chocolates, hugs, some sympathy, and, hopefully, a voice of reason...or at least a voice of "what an asshat! Do you want me to kick him in the junk for you?" The one for whom I would do the same.

This is not to say I do not have incredible treasures for girlfriends. I am so rich with beautiful women! From the ultimate gift that is my BFF Mom, to my talented and lovely sister Jenni, and the sweetness that is Dayna, Nykki, Betsy, Mo, PJ, Blair, Gwen, and many others - my life is blessed.

But frankly? It's been years since I've had the constant companionship of a woman...someone to shop with, go to The Vagina Monologues with, get a pedicure with, or just hang out on a Saturday night dateless with while consuming vast amounts of everything bad for us foods and beverages. You know, someone who is my Go-To Girl for everything. Because you know, we women, as we get older, don't seem to have the kinds of time we used to have to nurture our women friendships like we used to.

Friday night, I had one of those awesome dateless-but-who-cares-'cuz-I'm-in-the-company-of-a-fabulous-woman nights with PJ. I made brownies, we drank wine, we giggled, and gabbed, and talked about boys, and shiny new toys and things. I got swaying drunk and she didn't mind when I practically passed out just before midnight. She spent the night on the couch and we resumed the hilarity at 6 a.m. when my early riser ass met her insomniac ass at the bathroom door as we mutually exclaimed "What are YOU doing up?". We consumed a pot and a half of coffee, chatted with Lex, surfed the web, browsed pictures, talked clothes. She left at noon to shower and change. 6 hours later we were together again to start the next adventure.

And I felt all full of girl time. I was full up on estrogenic energy. It was just what I needed.

Thank you.

1: I declared it "Just Say No to Getting Out of the Pajamas Day" early. But I forgot I had to go to the grocery so I was dressed for about 40 minutes.
2: Mental note...I must stop eating at Netherworld - especially the cajun fries. I regret it every time.

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Anonymous said...

I had such a great time on Friday! Definitely need to do that again!

PS duh never, ever eat the food at Netherworld! Of course I made the same mistake on Saturday and felt like I had a brick in my stomach all night. So yes to drinks and hanging out there but no to food.