Friday, December 04, 2009

2 Pet Peevery Lane

You know how every "news" media outlet nowadays has a website?

And you know how every "news" media outlet's website now offers the ability to create a profile and then post comments on news stories?

I hate that.

I have a list of websites I check almost daily...

The NY Times
Huffington Post
The Denver Post
Boulder Daily Camera

Among others. Throw in the 30 or so blogs I follow and you might wonder how I have time for anything else.1

Additionally, I receive e-mail alerts from NPR and CNN for breaking news stories. By the way? CNN is much faster at breaking news.

Now I do read The Denver Post but I like the weather forecast presentation on 9 News better. So, unfortunately, I do find myself perusing the headlines on 9 News each day as well. Which is where I typically run into the Pet Peevery hair removal system.

I swore off reading comments on websites long ago2. I swear I did. Usually I'm pretty good at remembering not to do it too. For some reason though, I can't seem to help myself when it comes to the 9 News website. And oh-my-god-of-all-things-stupid-and-ignorant!

Now I believe strongly in everyone's first amendment right to free speech. Really I do. I also know it is my right not to listen to anything anyone else says except my boss and only in relation to work.

But seriously? Seriously folks. I am constantly floored by the stupidity and ignorance filling the comments section of my local news station.

It's give people an anonymous soap box to stand upon and shout political, religious, and social rhetoric at each other over the internet and it gets reduced to a game of dozens (yo momma is so ugly etc) complete with bitch slapping and cat scratching.

It's gotten so bad on that site, 9 News now has a standard practice of locking all comments on any story related to car accidents, sudden death, and alleged child abuse stories. I've even seen them lock comments on sweet human interest stories because commenters cannot help unleashing ugly tongues from the privacy of their homes where Bill O'Reilly is on a 24-hour loop.

Last night, I went to go check the temperature on the 9 News site because, hello, it's like 0 degrees and I like the excitement of seeing how low can it go. Anyway, I saw a headline about the vainglorious Larimer County Sheriff Alderden who was first thrust into the spotlight during the Balloon Boy hoax several weeks ago. Since then, because either the news media has nothing better to do or he's got an E-G-O the size of Texas, he's shown up a lot in other news stories.

The story was about his annual Christmas tree decorating party and the headline was regarding his intention to invite atheists to participate in the party since a number of atheist organizations have requested a cease and desist on the practice. You know, because the separation of church and state is kinda like the law which he was elected to uphold.

And there was a comment that jumped out at me in particular:

Imsoinciteful wrote:
I think it's great! Political correctness is destroying this country...everybody having to walk on's stupid bs. Quit whining. You are in the minority! I'm tired of the crazy few making me feel bad for my beliefs. A-holes!!!


There is so much to be pissed about in this brief statement, I can't even begin to start. But I think what gets me the most is that, because atheists and other non-Christian religions are in the minority, it's OK to trump the constitution by allowing an elected official to spend government resources on a Christian practice.

And also note that atheists and non-Christians are also "crazy", in control of his emotions, and are "A-holes" exclamation exclamation exclamation. The A-holes at the end? That's the bitch slap "yo momma".


1: The answer is that I don't read every speck of information posted. Just like I would with an old fashioned newspaper, I skim the headlines and read what jumps out at me.
2: I make exceptions usually for NPR and wired.


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