Friday, December 25, 2009


I'm not exactly an optimist. I mean, yes, I'm a half full kind of girl the vast majority of the time. Which, I'll admit, can be rather annoying - even to me.

I'm not exactly cynical either. I mean, yes, there is a streak of snark in me I choose to deploy. Well OK, "choose" is probably inaccurate. The snark usually just slips out before I've realized it. But still...not exactly cynical.

No, instead I consider myself an optimistic realist.

This means I understand life sucks and is hard and dark etc and so forth. But I always, always know it could be worse.

Way worse.

So I don't dwell and just pour another glass.


zero hour said...

red or white?

I think I'm a cynical optimist...or is that an optimistic cynic ? Or a "where the hell is that 1/4 empty glass of booze?

Kristin said...

Well said, Jane! I just drink straight out of the bottle so I don't have to worry about how full the glass is.