Thursday, December 24, 2009

Early Eve Rambling's officially arrived. Christmas Eve - close enough anyway.

I have now proven to myself that I am, in fact, certifiable. I went to the grocery store just now. This alone would not be certifiably crazy if I had not also gone to the grocery store on the day before Thanksgiving. But, since I did hit the grocery store on the two busiest days of the year, that should have everyone questioning my sanity.

It wasn't bad though. Busy, yes. However, I must have had good holiday karma going in because the roads weren't awful, a parking spot close to the door opened up just as I pulled into the lot, and the checkout lines were only 2 carts deep. Plus, when I returned home, the parking spot right in front of my building was open.

I'll consider this my holiday gift from the universe and say heartily thank you.

Lex is gone. He left this morning to visit his family and his long time love on the western slope. I miss him a little already but I'm also enjoying the complete solitude I've been gifted by his absence. He's rarely gone, even overnight, so I'm relishing my time alone and have plans to take a long, hot bubble bath, watch cheesy movies, bake cookies and stout cake for tomorrow, and eat tacos quite possibly until I throw up.

One thing I will not be doing is feeling guilty for not seeing my father this year. Yes, he lives 15 minutes away. I considered inviting him over for clam chowder like I did last Christmas Eve, but I didn't feel like making it this year and really just wanted to be squirreled away with my cat and books and dvd player and knitting.

That's one of the best parts of becoming an adult. I don't put any pressure on myself to go anywhere or see anyone unless I want to. I don't believe anyone in my family thinks this is strange nor do they exert any pressure upon me to do things differently. The only person who would is my father who is most likely sitting at home in his underpants, watching the game show network, and feeling sorry for himself that he's all alone. I'm sorry for him. He could be happier if he wanted to put some effort into it. Since he doesn't, I won't feel guilty for keeping his lackluster outlook at bay. Besides, as I continue to remind him, the phone works both ways and he's always welcome to call me and invite me over.

My family stopped exchanging gifts several years ago. That is, of course, unless we're together. Then we do shop for little things to exchange. Since I won't be seeing any of them this year though, the only shopping I did was to get a few little things to exchange with Bomb Betsy, Dave, and Owen tomorrow when I attend Betsy's middle eastern food extravaganza open house. This makes my holidays so happily drama free I can hardly stand myself. Booze at 11.

I began looking over my journal entries from the past year in preparation for my annual year-end tome. It was a good year over all. I'm surprised it's nearly over. Be looking for it soon.

I feel like writing today. I have several blog posts swirling in my head. This may or may not be the last one of the day. It's still early and I've not yet opened the wine. I won't apologize for drinking alone nor will I apologize for clogging up your feed readers with my ramblings. Consider it my gift to you all...the ability to shut me up by closing your browser *laughing*.


zero hour said...

have a great day tomorrow , full of laughing,great food,and great friends.
Merry Christmas...

Anonymous said...

I wish it were easier to do something at Christmas together. Know I love you and wish for you the very best celebration on Christmas Day. I think that involves stout cake--you've grown beyond your Mom . . . XOXOXO

Kristin said...

I was so tempted to open a bottle of wine or two last night when I got home. For me, there was no way out of the family gathering. (Can we say stress & dysfunction?!) :) Sounds like you had a great evening planned, as well as a fun Christmas day! Have a wonderful holiday, Jane! xo