Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Funny or Die Dammit

I'm on twitter.

I don't actually like twitter. I think it's pretty stupid. Clearly I'm missing something.

Maybe it's because I'm verbose and I find the 140-character limit too confining.

Regardless, I'm on there even if I don't tweet much.

Mostly I signed up to follow:

@kristysf of She Just Walks Around With It

@Ish - kristysf's husband who is also a stand up comic and has me in hysterics most of the time

@shitmydadsays - because if you've not read Justin's quotes from his dad, you are missing out on some of the best life advice delivered in the most profane manner ever

But I also have to follow a few other people because Kristy, Ish, and Justin don't post every day and, apparently, in order to "understand" twitter, I'm supposed to follow bunches of people.

So now I follow several people...including @funnyordie who posted this yesterday:

@funnyordie: There's a fine line between spending $14 at dollar margarita happy hour and $3,000 in bail.

Which I found hysterically funny...and so true.

I wanted to "retweet" this because I thought it was so great.

Except...I only have 17 followers and 16 of them already follow @funnyordie.

So I'm retweeting it to you.

That is all.


The villager: said...

I had a brief flirtation with Twitter, but lost interest fairly quickly.

Diva said...

I'm on Twitter, but I only keep up with the updates for Dragon*Con. *ahem* *con geek* *cough*