Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Uhm...not really...really?

So know how I read those damn Craigs List Missed Connections? Like...all the time? Because apparently I am a freak and somewhat of a voyeur?

Yeah that.

So tonight I was reading the ones that had been posted throughout the day today and I er...yeah. I kinda ran across one that sounded like maybe it might be for me.

I don't want to respond to it on CL. I would be disappointed to find out it wasn't for me.

Instead, I'll believe it was for me and smile gladly to myself.

And maybe one day, the person who posted it will want to tell me what it said himself.

1 comment:

zero hour said...

Im relieved that I am not the omly one that looks thru those..and sometimes thinks..hmm..
but I have never heard anyone until now say they thought they actually saw one for intriguing!

sometimes I'm secretly tempted to write one to see what happens...giggle