Monday, January 25, 2010

Cocktail Story Hour

We've taken to inventing cocktails at the Grotto.

It all started when we threw a conspiracy theory party a little over a year ago1 when I was attempting to come up with a conspiracy theory themed menu. I came up with two:

- The Jack Ruby Red - which is just a shot of Jack Daniels mixed with ruby red grapefruit juice. It's similar to a whiskey sour.

- The Lee Harvey Oswaldbanger - It's a harvey wallbanger but comes with a complimentary second shooter.

But, by far, the most popular cocktail we've invented had nothing to do with conspiracy theories or theme parties. No no. It was for lack of a mixer except gingerale to pair with a bottle of pear vodka that the pinger2 was born.

One part pear vodka
Three parts gingerale


1: On the anniversary of JFK's assassination, for your information.
2: Pronounced [pin-jer]

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