Saturday, February 06, 2010

4 Pet Peevery Lane

There are just some things that are sacred, you know?'s toothbrush, for instance.

I would hope none of us would walk into someone else's bathroom and go "Oh hey look! A shiny toothbrush! I think I would like to brush my teeth with that brush there."1 And then do it.


Perhaps even more sacred to me than even the toothbrush though - at least as far as bathroom items are concerned - is my bath towel.

I discovered this at the age of 18 while living with my first roommate - a girl I'd been close friends with up until that point. There was plenty of room in our bathroom to hang two towels right next to the shower. In fact, I insisted her towel should hang closest to it. Both, however, were easily within reach.

So, one morning shortly after moving in, I was horrified to discover as I reached sopping wet from the shower to grab my nice, clean towel off the rack, it was no longer clean...or dry. Neither was hers.

Now, you may be wondering why I found this to be so disgusting. She had, after all, used it fresh upon showering and with soap, I can hope to assume.

Have no fear. I shall tell you why.

I find this particularly disgusting because, no matter how much soap we use in the shower, there are certain bodily areas upon which the sun never shines that cannot ever be 100% clean. And I'm sorry, unless another person and I are uhm...regularly touching each other's "areas" in other ways? I am really not keen on drying myself off with anyone else's uhm...deposits.

It sort of defeats the whole purpose of the shower part. Even if we are intimate.

I never did understand why she used my towel. Even after I confronted her about it and asked her to please please please for to not use my towel, she continued to use it...with alarming frequency. It got to the point I wouldn't keep my towel in the bathroom at all.

So, if there is ever an occasion for you to use my facilities, please respect my towel. We keep an ample supply of bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths handy in a very obvious place. Feel free to singularly use each one. Just...don't use my bath towel hanging on the rack.

And, just in case there's a question, it's the blue one.

1: I have a stash of brand new toothbrushes, razors, and contact lens cases for emergency overnight guests. It's a small hostess kindness I learned from my mother.


zero hour said...

I swear it wasn't me...LOL

A peeve of mine as well. Sometimes I catch myself yelling after someone' USE the ORANGE towel I put it there for ya!"

Just Jane said...

Thank you for respecting the towel and for confirming I am not alone.