Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gotcha is More Like It

It has just occurred to me that the messaging tool, Captcha, the one by which a person must enter nonsensical characters into a field in order to send an e-mail via Facebook or occasionally leave a blog comment, was not actually invented to eliminate spam.

No, no.

It was invented to discourage drunken messaging and commenting.

I have just discovered this from my own personal experience.



Anonymous said...

I sent an email to a friend last week. And signed it XOXOXOXO. She wrote back to me and signed hers CCCPP. What the heck I asked her? She said one she had a little extra wine, placed her fingers on the keyboard and when she went to type xoxo, typed cpcp instead. Anyway I think ccpp is kind of cute! CCPP, Mom

Just Jane said...

It's that little extra'll do it to you every time! Yay for Mom's friends who drink that little extra. ccpp back atcha.