Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Did we ever actually see Julie direct anything?

I once went to a career counselor - back right after I'd finished college and still didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up1.

I took a battery of tests and had an interview. Do you know what I should have been?

A) Event coordinator
B) Personal assistant
C) Cruise director

This was not really a surprise.

That's because I love to organize. Whether it's shoes, books, spreadsheets, or people...I get a huge sense of satisfaction in taking utter chaos and whipping it into shape.

Or maybe I just really love being bossy.

Because you know, that's basically what any of those professions amount to...a big Bossy McBoss-Alot who will tell you where to be, what to bring, and what shoes to wear.

It's like...putting together a puzzle. Or! Better yet, it's like choreographing a dance. Gathering information, zeroing in on the holes, finding creative solutions within the means of the participants and pulling it all together into one fluid series of movements that are beautiful, sometimes simple, and always make sense.

I even got hired as a personal assistant once. Yeah that. Did you ever see or read The Devil Wears Prada? Uh huh. That about sums up that experience. But I really did love many of the aspects of it. Particularly I loved arranging travel. Finding places to dock the yacht in the Bahamas or in the Outer Banks. Arranging for nannies and kid friendly activities. Booking luxury hotel rooms, researching restaurants, making reservations. Money was really no object and so I was able to plan what I wanted with no restriction...other than to keep in mind the personality of my boss.

Which was awesome2. But not the point.

The point is that now that I've got my own jam packed social calendar and am also working with another jam packed calendar, occasionally the organizational junkie pops up, adrenaline pumping and thinks "we so can make this work".

I love a challenge.

1: Let me reiterate, Sociology is not a profession, it's an interest. NOW they tell me.

2: The travel arrangements - not her personality.

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