Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does this shirt make my nipples look big?

I forgot. It's February. And it's been wickedly cold the last couple of mornings before the sun rises. We got our cold snaps so early this season, I was hoping we wouldn't see any more frigidity the rest of the winter.

Alas, while the days have been a bit warmer than anticipated, it's still cold enough for me to feel self-conscious through 3 layers of clothing.

Crazy long day today. It'll be a 20-hour day before I see my bed again. Work, board meeting, DnD game. It's my lunch hour and I'm already exhausted just thinking about how much more yet there is to do.

Speaking of DnD...kk gave me new sparkly pink dice for my birthday. Subsequently, Vinny discovered them, found a way to open the little black, velour bag I was keeping them in, and has made off with my 20-sided die. I have no idea where he's put it but, if you've ever played DnD, you will understand this is sort of an important piece of equipment to have. *sigh*

Speaking of *sigh*ing...I've been doing it a lot the last few days. Yesterday I felt great. Totally myself and carefree. Today, I'm full of the *sigh*. I think I may take the entire weekend and hide - hit the reset button, knit, watch bad movies, drink wine, read, cuddle the cat, not speak to anyone...maybe not even Lex. This will be the last weekend I have entirely free for the next month...that is if I cancel the 2 things already on the calendar for this weekend *laughing*. that I think about it, I haven't had a weekend entirely to myself since uhm...October? Wow.

It's time. Past time.

I'm officially declaring this weekend Jane's Out of Pocket Weekend. Unless you are on my list of people whose calls I take at any hour, you may want to just send an e-mail.

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Anonymous said...

I promise not to call unless it's an emergency! by the way? BEST.BLOG.TITLE.EVER! *laugh* enjoy the the weekend lady!