Friday, February 26, 2010


Dear [Insert name of] Community Member,

I think you're swell.

Honestly, I do!

You are smart and so very pretty...or handsome...or yeah, whatever stroking you need from me today.

But, I must request just a moment of your valuable time to go over a little something that's, once again, uncomfortably arisen. know how you've got that eensy weensy problem with so and so that's led to restraining orders and uhm reduced you both to online name calling and having some kind of elementary school division of friends? Yeah that.

So...<3 you and all but really? I don't take sides just cuz. And I'm not a possession that gets tossed into a his or her divorce pile like the Springsteen albums and flannel shirts circa 1992.

Your issues have nothing to do with me, they are not my fault, or my problem and I don't want to be splattered with your drama juice so, if you please, leave me out of it. Let me go about my own business in my own reality bubble because being in yours kinda sucks and I like mine way better. If you need vengeance, hire a professional. My vote only counts when I'm voting people off my own island. And, if you aren't careful about how you go about dragging me kicking and screaming into your Greek tragedy, you're liable to get the next vote.

There are 3 sides to every story...yours, theirs, and the truth.

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Kristin said...

Especially love that last comment. So true - it's difficult for many people to take off the subjectivity goggles and see things from another viewpoint. Not implying that I'm entirely excluded from that group, but I think those of an introspective nature also tend to contemplate the other "sides". heheh...drama juice...good one. :) Hope it all works out for all involved.