Friday, February 12, 2010


8:34 p.m.

Jane's Official Out of Pocket Weekend has commenced.

A nap was taken earlier in the afternoon to A) negate 2 very late nights in a row and B) because it felt good.

So Lex and I did not get out the door to the grocery store until nearly 7.

Wait...let me back up.

When I made the decision to have my JOOOP Weekend, I asked Lex if we could do our super duper ginormous monthly grocery run at Target tonight after work. I wanted a guarantee there would be no cause for actual street clothes once pajamas had been donned. When I explained why, he was totally on board.

So! To the grocery store we went. Turns out, Target on a Friday night at 7 p.m. is THE time to shop at Target. We were in and out in 35 minutes with a huge cartload of items in our possession.

So now I'm home, groceries are away, pajamas are on, wine is poured, pizza is ordered, and I'm not leaving the house again until 6 a.m. Monday morning or the paramedics haul me or Lex out...whichever comes first.

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zero hour said...

I love Target at's also apparently a big pick up night there too...Fridays,and Saturday mornings too..
not that I'm sayin' I actually DID any pick-ups there...just sayin...
enjoy the weekend of nesting