Tuesday, February 02, 2010

When Meh Speaks, People Listen

All day Saturday I was all like "meh".

I was lazing about in bed mid-morning1 texting a friend about the upcoming night. He was asking me if I had plans to go out. I hadn't really made up my mind what I wanted to do.

On the one hand, get dressed up, drink cocktails, and flirt with gorgeous people. On the other hand, comfy pants and wine and blogging. What to do? What to do?

Hmmm...quite a conundrum if you are me.

I really couldn't decide.

And then the decision sort of got made for me when my girlfriend was all like "meh" too. Thus, comfy pants were donned and wine was poured.

I even started a blog entry...but lost interest in favor of 1408 which never ceases to freak me out just a little. Plus, John Cusack vs. invisible friends? I'm sorry. John is the declared official winner.

But the me in "meh" was really not even up much for the movie or the wine. *gasp* I even threw half the second glass down the drain before heading toward bed at 10. Just forget about tidying up the bottle.

I should have known then there was something incredibly wrong because really? Me? Waste wine? Me? Really? Not enjoy the whole bottle on a Saturday-comfy-pants-and-wine night? Yes, really.

Clearly unwell.

And boy, was I ever unwell.

The fever didn't officially vacate the premises until early this morning. Which was great! Finally. However, the stomach issue returned with a vengeance and didn't loosen its grip until mid-morning at which point I realized something very exciting.

I was hungry.

No wait. I wasn't hungry. I was ravenous. And not only that but the one thing I wanted that actually sounded excellent was...cheese! Yes! I must be back to normal.

This afternoon, I threw open the windows and back door to air out the apartment and washed all my bedding and towels. I have oodles of energy and don't think I've felt this good in months. Months, I tell you! Months!

Which can only mean one thing...

That's right. I'm back on the health wagon instead of this half assed "I'm too busy to work out" kick I've been on lately. Going from working out 6 days a week to 3-4, or 2, or 1, or...OK fine none does little to help me reach my health goals. And since a little bird just sang to the internetz that she is only 2 pounds away from goal, I'm feeling triply motivated.

So there. Take that meh.

You can visit and I'll listen, but you can't stay for long.

1: I'd been up for like 4 hours and had gone back to lie down so cut me some slack.

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