Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why Ask Why

Naked Jen, one of my ever growing list of favorite fellow bloggers, posted a link on her Facebook page this afternoon to this video project about why women blog ...

It got me thinking.

Why do I blog?

I certainly don't mommy blog...unless, of course, you count the entries I dedicate to the mommying of one very momma dependent cat. I don't have an issue or a cause I blog about regularly. No trauma in which I need to connect with others who understand. I don't feel any compulsion to talk about any particular disorder from which I might suffer...namely because I don't really have any...or at least none for which I'm medicated.

I'm kinda run of the mill that way.

So why do I blog?

Certainly, part of the reason is because there is power in giving myself a voice. Growing up as the youngest child in a family of 6, having my voice heard was a challenge I rarely met. At some point for awhile even, I gave up trying. So that's definitely a purpose blogging serves.

Partly it's also just the exercise of writing something, anything every single day. And not just writing something no one will see but writing something potentially everyone with access to the internet might see1. I started this particular blog because I wanted to hone my writing voice and to see if I could write for an audience and compel people to keep reading. You know, because one day I really just may write something bigger than a blog entry. But that kind of writing needs an audience. And there is no better audience for something bigger than my bloggy audience who is already familiar with my quirks and my voice.

Secretly, I believe blogging is a self-important activity. It is egotistical to believe anything I might have to say is interesting enough to engage anyone. It is, therefore, a humbling experience too when I log in to Google Analytics and see more than just my mom is reading regularly...that people I don't even know are reading. Why you're reading, I've no idea. But you are.

So I guess if I have to answer the question why I blog...I guess I blog for me. Because I can. Because it feels good to be heard. Because it feels great to know I have something to say that someone wants to hear. Because it's gratifying to have you reading and listening and participating vicariously. And so I suppose, in a way, I also blog for you.

And for that, I thank you, no matter your reason for reading. Thank you for letting me be a participant in your life...and for participating in mine.

1: This is both terrifying and exhilarating.

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