Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night In

And we all (should) know what that means...

Wine + Cheese + Blog = Rambling Post with no filters

I'm officially unstuck...both my car and exercise-wise. But I refuse to be THAT girl and talk about my whole exercise regime here in this blog...

Well...other than to say virgin pushups? Whereby I mean having not done pushups in so long I might as well be a pushup virgin? Hurts. A lot. And by hurt? I mean, my boobs.

Same goes for crunches and my tummy.

But it's the "good" kind of pain so yeah, and I'm not actually feeling any pain at all currently given that I'm 2 glasses into the aforementioned wine.

I have a dinner "date" tomorrow with L. We've not seen each other since right before Christmas. I'm excited to see him. For one, he owes me Thai food. But also? He's promised wine...lots and lots of wine. We really like this - among other things - about him.

I would also like to officially state, for the record, just in case you missed it - I'm completely over winter. We had a big snow storm last Friday night into Saturday, a big snow storm Tuesday night into Wednesday1, and here we are on Friday again expecting several more inches of snow. Hence, the Friday night in. It's not started in earnest yet. It was snowing when I left work this afternoon but now? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. One can only hope it's a false alarm.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I just checked the website and they're now reporting the winter storm warnings and watches have been canceled. There will be no major dump of snow on our heads.

Can I get an amen! And a hallelujah?!

Thank you. Thank you very much.

So here's the filterless part...

You know how the other day I blogged about how, if one has a problem or issue, it's solely up to that person to solve the problem?

Clearly, one of the someones who really needed the message does not read this here blog2. Because seriously? Seriously. Dude, look at yourself. Look at the kind of negative bullshit you put out into the universe and then ask yourself why you can't get a date. Because seriously? Seriously. You make everyone nuts with your bad attitude. Until you make up your mind to change your attitude, you won't ever get beyond a first date because no one I know can stand listening to the "woe is me" speeches.

Just. Stop. It.

There. I said it. Filterless Jane at your service. Defriend me if you'd like. I call it like I see it.

And if you won't just stop it? At least shut the fuck up about it. Because really, I don't believe this was ever a chapter in How to Win Friends and Influence People. Really. Because if you don't? Just stop it, I mean? I will defriend you first.

1: Although we forgive that one because it did result in a snow day for me.

2: Either that or that person is so entirely oblivious to the kind of crappy ass negative energy he puts out and had no idea it was about him.


Kristin said...

I heart filterless Jane.

zero hour said...

I love 'wine and cheese Jane' as well...

Anonymous said...

I love filterless Jane as well and sadly the pity parade marches on with yet more "poor me" posts... to defriend or not to defriend that is indeed the question...