Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Like Crazy Glue

My car is so stuck!

Tuesday night, a spring snowstorm blew in, dumping several inches of heavy, wet snow across the I-25 corridor.

This just happened to correspond with the daughterly duty I owed my father which found me spending the night at his house1.

Since I'm not really a fan of my dad's house - for many reasons not least of which is the fact that his internet stinks - I was anxious to get home by any means necessary on Wednesday morning. Having established I was to work from home per boss's orders due to the storm, I was doubly anxious to get home.

And to home I managed to get! With relatively little difficulty given the circumstances. I even found a great parking space only a block away - a small miracle given the hour (7 a.m.) and the snowstorm.

However, this morning when I went out to my car to try to get to work, my car would not budge. The snow melted yesterday afternoon just enough to make a ginormous icy slush in which my tires will only spin. Literally, my car will not budge an inch.

Adding insult to injury? The plows came through in the night and have created an embankment of snow on the driver's side.

Additionally, there is a car in front of me and a truck behind - neither which have moved since I parked there yesterday morning - so, even if I could arrange a push, there's nowhere to push to without hitting something substantial.

One last insult...I'm parked on the north facing side of the front of a 10-story apartment building. There shall be no sunshine on my car or that part of the street like ever.

Unless it warms up significantly in the next few hours, I doubt I will be able to get my car out before Saturday. Which means I'll be taking the hour long bus/train ride to and from work tomorrow and canceling my Friday evening plans.

Fucking winter. Can we just be done now?

1: Don't ask. Long story involving bowels.

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