Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sleep...Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Have you ever slept so fitfully that, even though you know you've slept, you feel as though you didn't sleep a wink?

I had difficulty falling asleep last night.

I shouldn't have given that it was a long work day with less caffeine than I'm used to having followed by a workout and then a trip to the airport during what would have normally been my bedtime (or close to it).

Perhaps it was the excitement and anticipation of the day's end that had me so keyed up I couldn't sleep. Likely that was it.

I wouldn't have had it any other way.

But when I went to bed, I really was tired. I just couldn't get there. When I finally did get there, I couldn't stay there. I awoke several times, looked at the clock, and kept thinking to myself what a terrible night's sleep I was getting.

Unfortunately, that starts a vicious cycle. As soon as I believe I'm having a terrible night's sleep, there's no hope of turning that around into a good night's sleep as my mind starts cranking out all the things I'll need a restful sleep for in the coming hours and how I'm not getting it.


Today may end up turning into a very long day.

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