Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

In the form of a major spring snowstorm.

6 to 12 inches are predicted to fall here tomorrow. 6-12" of heavy, wet spring snow. It's already on the air...blowing in from the northwest. Chilling my jacketless self already.

I know because I was just outside cleaning out the trunk of my car. Which is another story entirely...a long, rather boring story actually. Just know this - the games from the picnic I planned for my family during their visit in July are now in my bedroom and no longer in the trunk of my car.

I love it when outside forces require me to do something I've put off for far too long.

Yeah, anyway. Back to this storm.

It's blowing something in with it. I don't know what. But the weather change has got me on edge. Feeling a crazy sense of foreboding that has nothing to do with anything except the barometric pressure...

I think.

And yes, I did drink coffee this afternoon. Am drinking coffee even now.


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