Monday, April 05, 2010

Mad Hatter

I rarely get red-in-the-face, visibly shaking, angry.

Sure, occasionally I get riled up, irritated, or "passionate" in the heat of debate.

But it is so seldom I am so downright mad I'm practically hyperventilating.

When I do, it's best to stay out of my way. Because when my temper flares, it's horrific.

I burn hot and huge and am most assuredly not capable of rational thought.

Luckily, I burn out very quickly. Give me 20-30 minutes entirely alone to rant and rave (to myself) and the anger will dissipate.

Leaving me with 2 things...

A) Exhaustion
B) Disappointment at whomever the anger was directed.

I once had a good friend tell me she'd rather face my anger than my disappointment. No, sweet friend, you wouldn't. Of this I am certain. While my disappointment hurts you, it is a far cry from the damage my anger can do1.

I abhor the anger. I'm saddened by the disappointment.

But the disappointment, in the long run, is better.

1: I don't strike out physically but I have an ugly tongue.

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