Saturday, May 15, 2010

C-eh, N-eh, D-eh

Canada, in a word, rocks.

It's humid here and my hair is some crazy wild curliness that is both awesome and unmanageable.

The signs are all in French and occasionally a person in the service industry denies the ability to speak anything but French. Regardless, I am loving the foreign quality of glad Montreal is my first passport experience because it isn't all English speaking.

I have a "boyfriend". His name may or may not be Amir. He works overnight at Amir's restaurant. It's like an all night middle eastern deli right across from our hotel. He likes me...a lot. I like his fattoush a lot so it works out. At least as far as being well fed even if I have to deflect odd flirtations.

I'm fairly certain Amir has been high both nights we've seen him.

But even if I didn't have Amir, there's also Hubert1. Hubert is so totally young but filled chock full o' gentlemanly potential. We like him. He comes with lilacs.

1: Say that with a French accent and that goes from seriously dorky to seriously sexy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I had no idea you wee heading to Canada. We really should talk or email more...
Miss ya and loves ya!!