Saturday, May 08, 2010

Gods of Small Things

I stopped by the grocery and the liquor store yesterday afternoon having need for some baking supplies for a party at which I shall be supplying the desserts.

As I wound my way through the aisles, I found myself in the section for seasonals - specifically Mother's Day gifts. My eye kept catching several items that were miniature versions of regular things. Tiny kalanchoe flowering plants, little stuffed animals and balloons, miniature candy bars.

Then, when I got to the liquor store, there was a large display of miniature liquor bottles all lined up in rows on shelves and candy.

And it occurred to me that whomever came up with the idea to market small things for adults was genius.

Because while I think kalanchoes, in general, are the ugliest of flowering plants, have no desire to collect stuffed animals, and hate balloons1, my eyes were catching these things, perhaps desiring these things, because subconsciously they were calling to mind childhood, simplicity, toys.

And while I personally couldn't see myself buying a miniature bottle of booze2 for practical purposes, I wanted them all. I wanted shelves like that for my own house with little shiny bottles of spirits. Mainly, I think, because they looked like pretend...Alice in Wonderland.

I resisted the small thing temptation though.

Even the miniature candy bars did not find their way into my cart.


1: Unless filled with helium and then that's just plain fun times.

2: This is me we're talking about after all.

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