Monday, May 03, 2010

I Am a Terrible Mother

For my 37th birthday, my friend, Sarah Williams1, gave me a gag gift.

And since there really is very little practical use for a gag gift but also not being the type to throw anything away, I tucked it into my catch all bureau drawer and promptly forgot all about it.

The other day then, I was in a mad frenzy about cleaning out my chest of drawers and my closet in preparation for a much needed dropping off at the Goodwill.

I had been rummaging through the catch all drawer when I was distracted momentarily and by the time I returned to my task, Vinny had dug out Sarah Williams' gift and was playing with it with such gusto, I couldn't take it away from him.

It has become his absolute most "IT" toy of the season. But every time I see him playing with it, I cringe a little inside...

Especially when I see him gnawing on the penis.

1: She is called thus because it is her name. And lest you think I am imprudent for including both her first and last names here, she does not separate them out herself. For example, when she calls me on the phone, knowing perfectly well that I have caller ID, she will always state "Hello, this is Sarah Williams calling". It's just how she rolls.

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Diva said...

*LOL* - for real this time!