Monday, May 31, 2010

An Unmaintained Boundary is Merely the Whiff of a Suggestion


Here is some unsolicited advice.

If he is married and his wife doesn't know about his escapades? Walk away.

He will not leave his wife for you.

He will break promises he's made to you.

He won't call when he's supposed to or be available when you need him to be.

He will not be your date to your cousin's wedding.

He is not worth your time and effort.

There is nothing he can give you to justify the lonely nights, the guilt, the heartache. Stolen moments do not a relationship make. It's a lie. He's a lie.

And you're lying to yourself if you believe he can contribute fully to your life and happiness.

1 comment:

Diva said...

And if he does leave his wife for you? He'll probably leave you for another as well. Just sayin'.