Monday, June 28, 2010

It Ain't Rocket Science

Today's entry inspired by our old friend, KristySF, from She Just Walks Around With It

Have you ever gone into a public restroom with multiple stalls and been unable to gauge whether or not every stall was occupied?

I mean, without getting down on hands and knees and peering under the clearing between door and floor?

Some stalls are built to easily determine occupancy with a slight bend at the waist. Some even have doors that do not swing closed when no one is in there with the latch drawn.

However, more often than is fair, I've walked into a public restroom and been confronted with a wall of closed doors in which the toilets are situated so far back from the stall's entrance it's impossible to tell whether someone is in it without A) knocking, B) saying "Hey! Anybody in there?", C) pushing on the door, or D) getting down on all fours and engaging in some non-consensual voyeurism.

And I've often wondered to myself why bathroom stalls do not come automatically equipped with an "Occupied/Unoccupied" dealybopper1 like the ones on airplanes do.

I mean, well OK in that instance, it kinda is rocket science given that it's an airplane and that's kinda like a rocket but still...

How hard would that be? Seriously.

Is it cost ineffective or what?


1: Technical term.


zero hour said...

I whistle when i hear someone come in..I live in fear of someone pushing my door open.. hee hee

Diva said...

They have the "Vacant/Occupied" dealyboppers (LOVE that word) in bathrooms all over Europe. Of course, that's mostly because each toilet is located in its own room, sealed up so you can't see if anyone's in there or not.

If I could only afford to live in London....