Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Own Version of Groundhog's Day

It is officially June 29th.

No, it's not, you say?


Show's you how much you know.

Audit season has officially begun, y'all.

And that means that for the next 3 weeks, I will be stuck on June 29th. And then! Then, as an added bonus, I get to be stuck on June 30th for another 5 weeks.

After that, I get to live in limbo for 2 solid weeks where it's not really June or July or August but the entire fiscal year - never knowing from moment to moment what month, day, or calendar year to which I will be asked to recall.

Once fieldwork is over, only then can I live out July and the span of about 10 days before I get to enjoy a bit of September before closing September and the 1st quarter out too.

I'll see you in October at the post-apoca-audit party. Until then, better to avoid asking me the date, time, or place. I can't guarantee an accurate answer.

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