Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can a Leopard Change His Spots?

I'm waxing philosophical tonight.

This makes it especially convenient to live with Lex because he's a philosophical sort of chap most of the time.

"Am" and "Be" are merely reality in the moment statements...fluid. It is possible to change our spots because there is no such thing as who we are always. We can choose to change even our most deeply seeded personal constructs.

It's not easy.

Inertia creeps.

But moments of clarity become anchor points to which we can refer when we get stuck in the muck of who we believe we are.

Sometimes those moments of clarity are flashes - gone before we can consciously register them as such. Other times, they are nuclear explosions of bright white bright they are exquisite in the pain and joy and beauty in all things brought to mind.

I had one of those moments earlier.

I have a headache.

Good night.

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