Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Follow Up to the Chase

In response to my post about the Jehovah's Witness that chased me down the street, an anonymous commenter posted - and then subsequently deleted - the following comment:

If your story is true, I suspect you also have confused Jehovah's Witnesses for an evangelical group. Since the Bible teaches that we ARE a soul (Genesis 2:7; Adam "came to BE a living soul." There is a difference between BEING a dog and HAVING a dog). Since we ARE souls, Jehovah's Witnesses do not distinguish between you and your soul. They would simply pray for YOU. If only people would stop running from the truth of God's Word, they could learn so much.

Since I get e-mailed all comments to my blog, I saw the comment before it was deleted.

I'm disappointed that whomever posted it A) posted anonymously and B) deleted it.

As it was a respectful comment and raised a valid point from the Christian perspective, I certainly wouldn't have flamed it, deleted it, or probably even commented on it.

However, since they did delete it before anyone but me could see it, I thought I would post it, comment on it, and let you all jump in as you will.

Truly the only thing I would like to say to this comment is regardless of whether the girl was Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, or another evangelical cult-type group, the same Christian tenets apply to the message she was attempting to force me to receive.

The commenter implies that if I would stop running from the truth of God's word, I would learn so much.

I say there is no such truth. There is no God. That is not running. That is simply adhering to my beliefs.

I have studied the Christian faith both in theory and in practice for much of my life. My beliefs do not stem from ignorance. Nor do my beliefs impact the beliefs of any other. To each his own.

To each his own.

This means that when I'm walking down the street and have made my disinterest regarding Christ known, it is not appropriate to hound me, chase me, harass me down the street in an attempt to get me to change my mind.

This does nothing but force me to re-affirm my other belief...that many religious folks are intolerant, preachy, assholes who are unwilling to accept that their way just may not be the right way.

My bad. Apparently the comment wasn't deleted. It just wasn't appearing in the blog comments for some reason. It's there now. I stand by what I said above.

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