Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maybe I'll Meet a Cute Purser and We'll Fall in Love


The thing about travel?

It costs...a lot.

Last year, Mom and I started talking about taking a trip together this fall after my audit season and before her music season really got into full swing.

I suggested Greece and she agreed readily.


If you've not been paying attention, Greece is having some - OK major - political and economic turmoil.

Additionally, I can't really afford to take 2 weeks off work and, if you're going to do a European vacation like that, it's not really worth it to go for just 4 or 5 days.


Then I suggested doing a long weekend in New York City. I have *gasp* never been to the Big Apple and I very much want to give my regards to Broadway.

Guess what?

We could go to Greece for 2 weeks or Mexico for 6 weeks on what we'd spend on 4 days in New York. Hotels alone are $300 a night AT LEAST. And while I would love to go, right now it just doesn't feel particularly practical.

This morning it hit me.

You know, this summer has started off at a fever pitch and is only getting worse. I don't have the time or energy to dedicate to figuring out how to do NYC on the cheap(er). I barely have the time or energy to fix supper every night.

And then I remembered last fall and my trip to Seattle to visit Dr. Jenni and her monkey and how that trip ended so perfectly with a 2-day stay in the San Juan Islands. It was just us and the water and a little cabin and card games and wine and quiet.

That's what I want for my post-apoca-audit vacation.

Relaxation. Cards. Wine.

But I also want to use my passport.

Thus, Blind Betsy and I will cruise - most likely the Bahamas. Hopefully on a ship with few children aboard.

And, since BB is a senior, we're totally scoring on the senior discount.

I. Can't. Wait.

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Diva said...

That sounds just delightful! I think some cruise lines offer adults-only trips, too.....never hurts to ask.