Friday, August 27, 2010

The Ends of the Odd

1) Well...

I did it.

I finally managed to read through the entire lot of unread blog posts on my feed.

Alright, fine.

I cheated.

But that's only because some people (I'm looking at you, Warren Ellis) post eleventy-billion times a day and frankly? I don't have time for His Wordiness when I haven't read my blog feed in a month.

Whew! I can cross that off my to-do list.

2) Also? I've been reduced to drinking instant coffee at work.



It's cheap.

And it doesn't require me to buy into the "good" stuff and have to learn how to use this crazy coffee pot one of my favorite - and biggest coffee snob - co-workers decided would be of the awesome to put in the employee lounge for use with the "good" coffee.

And since my boss will not allow a mini-pot to be used in my office for fear of fire, I must use my electric tea kettle of which I've blogged before here which contains an automatic shut off feature the moment the water is boiling.

Thus, instant coffee.

It's not that bad...per se. And, OK, to be honest, I bought that double mocha cappuccino General Foods International Coffee that comes in a quaint little can.

Don't judge me.

3) Remember how just days ago I blogged about the revenge of the arachnids I imagined up?

It was not just my imagination.

The very next day, I took a nap after work and when I awoke, I awoke to this:

And I was willing to chock that all up to coincidence.

But then after I awoke from my second-day-in-a-row afternoon nap yesterday and found this:

I now understand I am under siege for the bloodshed of the innocent. And I'm resigned to it.

But if I find the culprit(s) lurking in my bed?

Oh yes. You guessed it. They are so dead.

4) I've discovered that, while Vinny is of the precious cupcake variety cat, he is also not photogenic.

I know this because this morning as I was singing "C" is for Cookie to him because he was in a "C" shape and decided to take a picture because he was adorable, it turned out looking like this:

And you can't really see the Essence of Cute that is Vinny.

But thinking it was just the photographer (me), I tried again to capture his essence when he moved his paw up to cover his ear to indicate that perhaps my singing was not to his liking and came up with this:

I decided perhaps the problem isn't me and is, in fact, the fact that he's all black and that just doesn't translate well...especially against a dark background.

Oh well. I haven't post gratuitous kitty shots in awhile so deal...please.

5) The audit is all but over.

One more day - Monday - for final questions and review of open invoices and I am done.

Done. Done. DONE!

For another 9 months.


6) You may have noticed an extra special addition to the blog today.

The new blog banner announcing that you have landed at Jane In Her Infinite Wisdom.

A ginormous thank you goes out to Owen - graphic designer extraordinaire - for designing it for me.

Note that the glass of wine is half full - important because I am an optimist and I drink lots of wine - and that it incorporates knitting because I am, after all, a pretend knitter.

Additionally, another HUGE thank you must go out to Ms. Noire who must like me an awful lot to have made all the changes to this blog to make it a happier place for us all to be and then came back and added the banner which, to no one's surprise, didn't work in Internet Explorer.

However, she is the Conqueror of the Bill Gates Universe and she simply told IE off in the witty way she has and voila! Blog banner appears no matter the browser.


I am so fortunate to have such lovely and talented friends who are willing to take care of me in this way.

And that, I do believe, Dear Readers, can conclude this miscellaneous clean up post of things rumbling around in my head.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's gin to be drunk.



Jenni said...

Little article in the Seattle Times today about the seeming spider population explosion: .

I've always said that the worst thing about Seattle is NOT the's the GIGANTIC spiders!

The article says this: "At the same time the region's most obvious outdoor spider seems to be everywhere, our largest house spider is also at its most active. Males of Tegenaria gigantea, the giant house spider, are on the prowl. And some are as big as your hand."

Did you hear that? AS BIG AS YOUR HAND!!!!!!!

Holy. Shit.

Just Jane said...

There is a wee small comfort in a spider as big as your hand.

It is unlikely you would climb into a bed without noticing an extra hand-sized lump was already in it.

But! Holy. Shit. That's little girl scream producing...possibly big arm wave instigating.

Kristin said...

Ahaha! I love your illustrations. And the upgrades to the blog are fantastic!