Monday, August 09, 2010

Maybe the Anxiety Dreams Will Stop Now

This afternoon, long about 2 p.m, something exciting happened.

I had spent the morning with fixed assets - the bane of my working existence. I reconciled the general ledger with the fixed assets system, created the audit schedule for the year, had a second pair of eyes double and then triple check it, and uploaded it to the auditor's portal.

Last year, this took me a week.

This year? 12 hours.

At the moment the file uploaded, the audit train rounded a bend in the year end track and I saw it.

The light.

At the end of the tunnel.

I'm almost there. I can feel it and I'm breathing a bit easier tonight.

Unless, of course, that's a speeding train hurtling headlong into mine in a twisted game of chicken.

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kk said...

Yay, congrats!!