Sunday, September 12, 2010

Full O' the Meh

Have you ever had a day where not one thing is 100% satisfying?

I'm having one of those days.

It may have started last night actually.

The evening started out very nicely...stopping by Brad and Jeff's for a cocktail prior to the start of Brad's birthday party1 so I could drop off my car, overnight bag, cocktail contribution, and Religious Experience cake before the start of my night as I'd planned on returning to the party later and having a sleepover. However, the first cocktail of the evening was marred by the unexpected arrival of someone I dislike immensely. Someone whose name sends my stomach into a fit of acid reflux.

**side trip** Hey, M? We've been acquainted with each other for 5 fucking years. You really don't have to insist on being introduced to me every single time we run across each other. It's a silly, condescending, self-absorbed power play and no one buys it. Notice how I no longer acknowledge you when you do this? Do you notice how I no longer acknowledge you at all? Go away.**/side trip**

Luckily, Matt, my hero, came to rescue me shortly thereafter. The evening's mood picked up again then and he and I shared an amazing pesto penne supper at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Denver - Pasquini's. I was so glad to see him! And we had a fantabulous waitress who, after hearing something about a birthday party I was attending, gave us a free dessert to celebrate. Her tip was a generous one.

He and I then went to the backyard movie party to which we'd both committed. Since we got a late start and we both had another engagement, we were unable to stay long. They were viewing Airplane! which I thought was quite funny...but then I do have a sick sense of humor. Apparently, so do they. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the whole movie and so we sat up on the deck while the movie played for the rest of the guests and visited with the hostess. It was a lovely time.

By the time I got back to Brad and Jeff's, I was feeling pretty good...low energy perhaps...but good. However, when I walked into the house - a house which had been quiet and lightly populated just a couple of hours before - was overflowing with at least 50 of some of the drunkest, loudest gay men I'd ever had the pleasure of not knowing. It likely would have been fine if I'd been able to catch up to their buzzes. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.

I blame the pasta.

The upside is that the back patio was mostly under-populated much of the evening and I had a wonderful time visiting with Brad's cousin, Chris, who seemed to enjoy my company as well. But I never was able to catch any semblance of a buzz and so, the later it got, the more annoying some2 of the other guests became.

**side trip** Hey, A? It's probably not a good idea to argue politics with two people who are both up on current events and statistics, and who work in highly politically aware capacities...especially when you're drunk and uhm not up on those kinds of things yourself. I say, again, zip it.**/side trip**

I left around 2:30 after collecting my unused overnight bag. I was stone cold sober and there were several other people who most decidedly were not. I made the decision that, since sleeping space was at a premium, I needed to be generous and let other people who needed that space have it.

Don't get me wrong. It's not that I didn't have fun. I did have a pleasant time.That kind of party though, it's just really not my scene. And, as my opening statement would suggest, was not the 100% satisfying time for which I'd hoped.

Another upside though...I got to sleep in my own bed with my own kitty and totally found an awesome parking space despite the late hour.

Today? Today has been a day full of nothing satisfying.

I was unable to sleep in past 9 so I got up tired.

My first cup of coffee I put in too much Coffeemate Sugar Free French Vanilla Creamer. I didn't have quite enough for the second cup.

I made bacon and eggs for brunch/lunch. But I burned the bacon and broke the yolks on the eggs.

I took a nap but never did fall completely asleep and dozed in and out of semi-consciousness for 2 hours, waking up feeling less refreshed than before.

I cleaned the bathroom but the hard water stains I went after with a toothbrush wouldn't come completely off.

And finally, I went to pour a glass of pinot grigio to find it gone and then opened a bottle of Malbec I'd been given - something I was not in the mood for - and discovered the flavor left much to be desired. Weak...almost watered down.

So, while nothing horrible happened, there was just nothing wholly satisfying about the last 24 hours.

I'd like to think tomorrow will be much more awesome.

Starting with the coffee.

1: Here's my obligatory mention of 9/11. I always felt bad for Brad having to share his birthday with an American tragedy no one was ever likely to forget - especially when the tragedy was associated with the date itself so there's no possibility of vagueness in fudging the day of remembrance. So I'm glad he celebrates the day with as much joie de vivre as he celebrates everything else.

2: OK just one.

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