Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Lesson As Yet Unlearned

We have all established that I and some of my friends are predictive text challenged, yes?

And you may remember I have a new "smart"phone with this newfangled technology called swype whereby the user simply swipes her finger (or thumb really) along the touch screen keyboard and this forms words...sort of...usually.

The scene:

S&M's wedding in a beautiful Highland neighborhood backyard.

The characters:

All but one of the original Duck my Puppy crew.

Now, you must understand, this crew, aside from S&M - who are all official and everything now, we're all a bunch of hysterically funny, single, 20, 30, and 40-somethings who love to drink and geek out on a variety of things...especially when the geeking includes cheese fries.

And we were really starting to roll after we'd had several cocktails/shots/beers at the open bar when someone came along with a video camera and asked us to say a few words of advice for life long happiness in marriage...which is a terribly stupid question given this was the "irreverent singles" table.

Advice shouted out:

Magnetica Bombastic: Oh! Oh! I know this one! Duck my puppy! Duck my puppy!

Devo Was Right: Swallow.

Jane's Infinite Wisdom: Transparency. Compassion. Threesomes.

Magnetica Bombastic: Oh. Uhm...We're probably not the best table to ask.

So when one of the catering crew from the Steuben's truck came by and set down a HEAPING pile o' gravy cheese fries in front of us, it was no surprise that the following conversation occurred:

Magnetica Bombastic: Go on. Motorboat the cheese fries.
Devo Was Right: It's too early to motorboat the cheese fries.
Owen: It's never too early to motorboat the cheese fries.

And I, in my infinite wisdom, decided Owen's comment needed to be posted to Facebook.

I whipped out my smartphone, loaded up Facebook for Android, swyped away for a moment, and then poked "Share". Then I passed the phone to Magnetica Bombastic to prove my brilliance and she fell over laughing.

Because in my haste, I did not re-read what I was about to share when I shared it. And instead of fries? Predictive text thought I meant this:


Foolishboy said...

It's true, this is hilarious!

Just Jane said...


I'm thinking of registering the domain - - for predictive text gone wrong.

Diva said...

The laughter on this one has brought tears to my eyes - and I'm glad I read it *before* I caught up on Facebook. *giggle*

Unknown said...

oh. not to be continents away. What a gorgeous day. (I sound a bit like Dr. Seuss, who, I'm convinced vakayed in NZ. The trees are all funky colors and shapes) Open table down south for any puppy who's been ducked, android or Iphone... I'll see you, wisdom lady, next year. (PS, definitely register the domain)

Gaelyn said...

LOL Definitely buy that domain.

I had to turn off the feature as it drove me nuts. These thumbs weren't made for typing.