Thursday, September 09, 2010

No Reward is Better than Fame & Glory


Pardon me, but I'm about to get all geeky fan girl on y'all in a moment so if I start to explode, hopefully there'll be enough warning for you to back away from your monitors (or smartphones) in time for you to miss the mess of my guts.


You know how I have this love affair with the liquor, yes?

You also are aware I like to fancy myself a writer?

And you also know just how much I enjoy imbibing on a tasty beverage while writing (hint: I'm doing it right now)?


Well, today I'm cruising around on Facebook, checking out my news feed, clicking on blog and news article links I'm especially interested in, when I come across this post on the Zane Lamprey website.

For those of you too lazy to click on the link to check it out, it states that Zane Lamprey & Co. will be launching a new online magazine dedicated to - what else? - the love and education of the liquor.


That's not all.

They are seeking contributors - people to...ahem...write articles for this new magazine.

Let's all just have a moment of geeky fandom silence, shall we?

*insert moment of silence here*

Now, I know some of you - especially those of you who live, oh, I don't know, say, under a rock may be thinking, "Who exactly is this Zane Lamprey character?"

Well, aside from my secret boyfriend, he just happens to be the host of Three Sheets - a television show in which Mr. Lamprey travels the world to discover local drinking customs...and get rip roaring drunk. Additionally, he just recently took a comedy act - Drinking Made Easy - on tour. An act I attempted to attend not once, but twice, and did not get to see due to the inadequacy that is our local power company, Xcel Energy.


I see this announcement and I immediately get red-in-the-face excited.


Because I love A) Zane Lamprey, B) drinking, and C) writing.

I may not be the most traveled woman on the planet (*fingering my passport lovingly*), but I do know two things I have going for me.

I can write.

I can drink.

OK, three things. I can also write about drinking.

I've e-mailed the contact and expressed my interest in contributing to the magazine. I've also begun drafting my sample article - an article which incorporates my other love...


So, please. If you love me, cross your fingers, squeeze your eyes shut tight, and wish upon that first lucky star you see tonight.

Pick me. Pick me. Pick me.

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zero hour said...

you're a shoe in!

Anonymous said...

vote for Jane!! *fingers crossed*