Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stuffed with

I would love to regale you with the tales of my weekend because it was fabulous!

There was wine and then more wine and incredible cheese and beer. There are two more wine bars that were explored and about which I want to rave and tell you to Go! Now! Go!

There was quality time spent with lovely friends - some I'd not seen in what felt like ages.

There were some truly random, surreal texts this morning that have me feeling a bit off balance.

But the fact is I am a sleepyhead who enjoyed a quiet afternoon on a shady patio and then stuffed with Peej's incredible beef stroganoff which was topped off with The Religious Experience cake.

I'm carbed out, wined out, and my head is ready for the cradle of a pillow, a snuggly cat, and a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow. There will be detailed stories of wine, women, and song.

I promise.

Tonight though, tonight is just for me.

Oh yes, as a note to myself: there is something to be said for finesse. A zen stick isn't necessary when a caress will do.

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Teresa said...

Would you like to go to lunch one day this week? I am on vacation and would love to see you.