Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's No Fun If I Have to Explain It

Well...perhaps this year, I'm actually going to pull it off.

If you recall from last year, I had a couple of fantabulous costume ideas for the various Halloween activities to which I was invited. You may also recall I didn't do anything about a costume until about 3 hours prior to the first event. At which time, I simply wore a name tag stating "Hello my name is Miss Ann Thrope" and then pretended to hate everyone for the duration of the evening.

Starting at the beginning of September, I started wracking my brain attempting to come up with the single most kick ass costume ever. And then I realized my vacation was planned the week before Halloween and I wouldn't have much time - if any - to do something beyond spectacular.

Thus, I decided I would pull together something I'd done previously - not for Halloween but for our conspiracy theory party a couple of years ago - and dress as J. Edgar drag.

This is an easy costume because really all I have to do is put on pretty lingerie and wear heavier make up and then carry around a faux FBI badge with ol' J. Edgar's picture inside. This time however, I decided to beef up the costume a bit by adding a few extra details.

Like wearing a shoulder holster with a (fake) gun. Lex, who is always full of surprises, even has the shoulder holster, if you can believe that happy crap. The gun was procured by the Divine Ms. Diva at Big Lots for a buck. Granted, it's orange. But it's fake and the faker the know, because we don't want to have Jane breaking out in gun anxiety...which she (as in I) will have if she gets anywhere close to handling a real gun or anywhere near someone else handling a real gun.

This from the girl who grew up in Wyoming.


Additionally, I have the police issue handcuffs (don't ask) and, by some miraculous occurrence, the badge I made the last time I dressed as J. Edgar.

So all I need now is the badge wallet. Which may be a challenge. But I'm going to Target in a little bit to get supplies and to pick up a man wallet that'll (hopefully) acceptably pass.

I shall wear man pants underneath the sexy lingerie and possible man shoes - mostly because it's going to be chilly tonight - but I don't think that detracts from the costume. I'm trying to decide on whether I will wear a man blazer over the top of it all...mostly because I need the pockets.

Hopefully, if it all goes well, I won't have to do any explaining once I flash my badge. Because, you know, it's no fun when you have to spend the whole night explaining what you are. And I've got 3 parties (THREE!) to attend before the fun is over. That could potentially be a lotta 'splaining to do. to bake severed ear cookies.

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