Monday, October 11, 2010

Watch Where You're Going or Look Where You're Going

*Today's post inspired by a Facebook post from one Lux Obscura.*

"Never look down to test the ground before taking your next steps; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right road."

My sister, Rache, is a runner.


One of those people who run for enjoyment and exercise.

A few months ago, she was running after work with her husband, when she headed toward an open, overgrown field. When her husband, my illustrious brother-in-law, questioned her direction, she said, "Over there. I'm going over there. There's money over there."

And she ran. Looking down at the ground just a few feet from where her feet flew.

When she reached the field, she spotted a folded up wad of paper-y something. She couldn't be sure, wasn't sure, until she came up on top of it, stooped to pick it up, and realized that yes, in fact, what she was unfolding was a $100 an overgrown field in a suburban area of Utah.

How she knew it was there is open to question.

The fact remains that, had she not been looking toward the ground, she would never have seen that little boon.

Some of us watch the ground because we're watching cautiously for snakes in the carpet or non-existent curbs. Some of us watch the ground because we're looking for money.

No matter.

There is gain to be had by watching the ground in front of us.

Lux Obscura said in his Facebook post that if he didn't test the ground before entering the mine ruins he likes to explore - history - he'd be dead more than once.

There is something to be said for caution, for testing waters, for looking before we leap.

Whether that's for monetary gain or physical safety.

Watch. Look. Listen.


modchen said...

wow. psychic pa-hers at work.

i'm sure you've heard the oft-quoted factoid about japanese women - that as a deme they find more money on the ground than any other discrete group in the world, because their eyes are almost *always* on the ground. not sure how true it is nowadays.

zero hour said...

my greatest find was 900 bucks on the ground.. HUZZAH!